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I was Zoned

Friday night I met this angel; oh my word this girl looked glamorous! You know what, after a two-hour intensive study for my programming exams, the charming smile she gave me made my night; My, oh, my, I was the lucky man that night you know! Dude smiled back at her, stood and watched this… Continue reading I was Zoned

African & Beyond, Nationalism

Mediocritic Nationalism: “Epidemically Ghanaian”

In a nation where the majority celebrate mediocrity, it is no news when you wake up every morning to feel the breeze of poverty. In this life there are two things; either you're growing or you're dying but my dear Ghana has been dead for long. A nation where one's predicament or downfall is another… Continue reading Mediocritic Nationalism: “Epidemically Ghanaian”



Ultimately, the greatest desire of every student is maintaining a good academic life and living the moments of meeting your life expectations. These desires always seem impossible until it’s possible. Here are seven(7) perfect ways to maintainig a good and strong academic life: 1. Desire and Plan All life’s greatest achievements commence with great desire;… Continue reading HOW TO ACHIEVE ACADEMIC SUCCESS