The Five Star Marketing Principles


Marketing to some it’s a philosophy, others consider it to be a theory. They are not wrong, but the actual fact about marketing is that, it’s something real which needs every single theory, philosophy or hypothesis to be converted to a practical experience. Marketing is practical and it’s the propelling force behind every successful business. Below are five practical strategies which I have experienced and believe it will go a long way helping many businesses flourish.

Ready to learn something new, let’s get started then; the principles unfolded:

  • Appearance: Your appearance does 60% of your job as a marketer. Always remember, no one would ever award a contract to a shabily dress marketer or business man. Your appearance shows who you are, what you can do and how you go about your deals. Dress to assassinate, dress to confuse your clients, dress to make your confidence level certain and sure!
  • Branding: Branding is an important aspect of marketing you always have to put into much consideration, it is not just any branding but something exclusive and catchy. Customers will always patronize the best of brands and not just any other.
  • Speaking Ability: This is what I personally call the master minding. As a markerter talking does all the job. Know what you are sayig, what you’re martketing and seal them with absolute confidence. Let your clients realize you’re a professional and you know what you’re saying. Convince and confuse your clients to like your product. Be conscise and precise. Know when, where and how to get your clients on by your marketing language.
  • Motivate & Upgrade Yourself: Sometimes deals may strike out. Things wouldn’t work, yet you don’t give up. Always remember, not everyone would like your product. Never waste your valuable time on such. Time is money and there are so many people out there hungry and thirsting after your product, so why waste time on people who are not interested. Attend marketing related seminars, read wide, be hungry to know more about what you do and associate with serious professionals to upgrade and stay professional always.
  • The last thing is to keep a solid network of clients. Learn how to keep the contacts of your serious clients. Once in a blue moon, you can give them a call or even send them an sms to show them appreciation and how valuable they mean to you. Never forget this: customers always want to be treated as kings and queens.

By: Yeboah K. Kankam


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