Letter to My Unborn Son

Dear son,
I know you are somewhere out there staring at me. Honestly, I also can’t wait to have you here with me. Son, it is evident that mummy is nowhere near ready to host you in her womb, how much more bringing you to this planet.
Daddy on the other hand can cause your coming to this planet any time.However my conscience had always embattled me and keeps haunting me whenever I decide to make such a move, especially in these times I’m jobless, and your grand-parents still paying my fees, providing me shelter and apparently all my needs. Son, don’t you think it will be so unwise, unfair and uncultured to host you in grandpa’s abode? How will he bear such a pressure, he catering for your uncles and aunties has never been easy and friendly. Grand-pa never rushed, as his son, growing up in my daddy’s (your grand-pa) home and comfort had always been an undisputed pleasure and happiness. Having decided to emulate and excel like him, I have emphatically decided not to trigger your coming to this world any moment from now. My number one reason being my unreadiness and immaturity to host you. I know how it feels to be virtual but I can assure you that with the Heavens on my side, you’ll soon become a real being to enjoy the pleasures and delicacies I’m sweating over for you.
Son, I know somewhere your mum is so ambitious to be a complete woman, and as I write to you she isn’t kidding with her studies and has been vibrant and fruitful in the things entrusted to her. This character of hers will make her my number one choice and such is the kind of woman I’m recommending for you and will be hoping to see you settle with. I want you to see far beyond a woman’s beauty. See beyond physical appearance and reach out for a woman of substance; a woman who’s got your back wherever and whenever you’re down to zero, a woman who is godly, virtuous and prayerful. Behind my much-anticipated success, there is this beautiful, wonderful and God-given gift who is your mother to be.
Son, your grand dad never promised me the whole world. He said to me ” etire nte a, y3n gyae 3ky3 soa ” literally translated as ” so long as we have got our heads on, we will not stop putting on a cap”. He simply instilled in me that there is no rest for man, as such I have to value time, strive through and make the best out of life for you, myself, your mum and your other siblings. Son, I believe that success is not for the weak; it is but for those who embrace difficulty and defy all odds to make feasible plans a dream come true. This is how I have trained myself to philosophy.
My beloved son, your mum and I have been so patient and focused all this while just to make you feel at home until your destined time to be with us is certain; when you will surely be the feather in my cup. Finally son, I have tuned my mind to the frequency of not disappointing you, your mum and myself as well. I will never let five minutes of immediate pleasure with a woman cause a perturbation in my lifetime reputation.
I know one day your mummy will be ready and I’m going to be the most loving and caring dad you would ever have.

By: Yeboah K. Kankam

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