Wasn’t My Love Good Enough, Oh baby!!


The last moment we had together was more than awkward. Everything was so clear that it was soon over between us.
I still can contain the reason why you flowed me thrash, got me embarrassed and finally decided to slam the door against me.
Our love, our joy, our pride and everything was gone forever. Forever gone and I’m fatally afraid it’s never gonna come back again. This was not how it was meant to be.
I still look around me and all I can see is your lipstick mark on my coffee cup. You don’t really seem to care about who I am and who we use to be!
You call yourself a lover, yet you left me to suffer in pain, to die with a broken heart.
I want you to recall the good old times we shared.
I gave you everything!
Yes I tried to make you smile but it never measured. You had my heart, your demands were my priorities. Our love was well written in the sky.
I showed you I was strong enough. The perfect man you were so lucky to have had.
You decided to let go me.
What wrong did I make? Tell me and I’ll apologize
I never made you cry.
My presence were all smiles.
Now in your dreams, in your joyful moments, in all your life expeditions, I just want you to take a look at me: Am I not good enough?
I know it will forever be a nightmare haunting you every second and every moment in your life.
Even in your wildest dreams, you will forever puzzle yourself and wonder why on earth you let go me because my love for you was originally GOOD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

By: Yeboah Kwasi Kankam

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