A New Man In God’s Plan

My hardened heart’s so deceitful
Out of it portrayed darkness and emptiness
Yet in it I took so much delight
And the glitters of this world
Have I so much adored

Luxury, fame and power
These I never abhorred
Money, women and again the chase for power
My ultimate goals these they were

Oh! Such a pauperous soul like mine
You’ve been mislaid and stone-blinded
You failed to see and fathom the truth
Knowing not the pleasures of this world lasteth not
Vanity, yea vanity they are and they would be.

But now I have a glorious living
One but an all-inclusive life
Simple but a containing version
I have been pierced by the light
Now I see to perceive
With my ears all of, I do hear and understand

Rejoice now oh my soul
Take delight, eat and drink of this living
Yea, this is regeneration
To be recovered for His dispensation

Joy-alas in my past life
There is joy-unperturbed in this new life
In this simple but rich life
I do pledge my allegiance to
Today, tomorrow and forever.

Written By: Yeboah Kankam


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