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Nkrumah Never Dies

On this day (September, 21) in 1909 a legend was born. A legend who dedicated his life and struggle to the African people. A legend who had a vision and a mission. A vision to see 100s of years ahead of his time. A mission to bring African people together from all parts of the world. To make them believe in themselves and to make them unleash the greatness within them.

A man who lived and died with Africa on his lips. A man who led by example and not words. A man who could think and see ahead of his contemporaries.
A man who went to Prison for his belief in African freedom and self determination. A man who was shot at, and got bombs detonated at just for his belief in African unity.
This was a man who believed in African ingenuity and unity. He saw the potential and greatness of the black race in the contribution to human progress. He saw how the African has been taught to hate himself and to see anything foreign as superior.
But no, he was betrayed by his own African people. They couldn’t see through his visions. They could not see what he was seeing. He tried all his best to make them understand but no, he was doing a cos 90 job . For he was not a man of his generation. His knowledge and foresight was far beyond their understanding.
At last, he was killed by a cancer of betrayal.
And up till this day, more than five decades after he was removed, the people who betrayed him still has no clue as to how to run a nation. They have no clue as to how to generate electricity or issue a passport.
He achieved in 6 years what his betrayers cannot achieve in 50years

This man was Kwame Nkrumah.

And when he died, he had no single property in his name unlike his opponents who built mansions in their colonial master’s countries and saved money in their banks to grow imperial economies.

And despite his death, his ideas and ideals still live on. Let us learn from Nkrumah’s sense of patriotism and self sacrifice and renew our loyalties to the African state and not just the carved out boundaries imposed on us by the colonists.

The torch he lit, shall burn forever because
” Kwame Nkrumah Never Dies”

Written by AfroPrince

A proud member of KNUST Writer’s Association

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