The Quest

Success is not a faculty or a phenomenon of finding valuable things not sought for.
Life is not a game of chance; it is but a game for man to engage his mental faculty, identify his purpose and thus machinate it into reality.

Man’s conception could be accidental or instigated by mistake. Nevertheless, a man’s birth and existence on earth is but for a purpose. Men are born each one for himself according to fate but through ability a greater access is obtained in a world of equal platform; the power to will engineered to aid man achieve his purpose on earth.

Life has got numerous philosophies defining its course. A section believes that riches and achievements result from the law of cause and effect. Others believe and champion the idea of serendipity where everything is actually not sought for; but initiated and established by chance(luck).
Critically speaking, the pursuit of grasping the reality of life centers on two predominant questions: Who Am I and What Am I On Earth for?
Anyone who is not challenged by these two questions has actually not come to the full realisation of the meaning of life.

Who Am I?
Life is likened to a battlefield , where there is a great need for strength and agility at the frontline; thus man’s identity is signified by his strength in battle. The question about who you are (who am I) is a precursor to living a purpose driven life. ‘Who you are’ ascertains the real you, it likewise unleashes where you are originating and where you’re headed. Therefore, to your identity add self-actualization, and to self-actualization, confidence and to confidence, diligence.

What Am I On Earth for?
For when man is able to identify who he is, what lies next is he knowing his purpose of existence. To everyone there is a purpose to fulfill. Much is needed to prove ourselves worthy to complete our course on this earth. Now to passion add focus, to focus, goals and to goals, diligence and understanding to make greater achievements come to pass. Man is not obliged to tell the world of his readiness to strike to make an impact. So like,Nike™: just do it!
Knowing your identity, seeing the greatness in you and efficaciously transforming your ideas into reality sum up the quest for living a purpose driven life

By: Yeboah Kankam


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