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I was Zoned

Friday night I met this angel; oh my word this girl looked glamorous! You know what, after a two-hour intensive study for my programming exams, the charming smile she gave me made my night; My, oh, my, I was the lucky man that night you know!

Dude smiled back at her, stood and watched this luscious babe drive her C300 Mercedes Benz-4matic; what the hell, she’s cute, very smart I hope and she’s even cruising in my dream car and I’m still cruising on foot. Men, this dazzling babe has got an oozing class! I laughed out loud and these nerds around actually thought I was getting insane; believe me to be they never saw

what I have seen.

Sunday mornings come so quick. Jogging down the subway, north-east Jake’s Villa. I have been so tired; nevertheless, I enjoyed the breeze; it was very refreshing. Suddenly the thoughts of this lady came in mind. I puzzled myself: dude what’s happening to you? What’s so unique about this babe that never keeps my mind of her. Up the hill I saw a lady descend, and my prayer was she being the one. I have to meet her again by hook or crook; yea by all means!

Ooh la la, there she comes! Oh my word where did I sleep last night; I’ve been lucky since. We smiled at each other at a distance, and coincidentally she wore my favorite sports brand, that was Nike.

Hi, I’m Jaden and I think we’ve met before as I panted heavily. Hello, I’m Karen she answered and yea we had met earlier Friday at the library foyer. You’ve got a sweet voice miss Karen, this made her smile more and as usual very charming. We had a brief introduction of ourselves and exchange contacts as we trudge together up hill. She was also a sophomore and was reading electrical engineering; my, oh, my, beauty with brains….

Our friendship grew stronger. Karen had become more of a sister and companion to me. Every Friday evening was a night hangout with friends and Ken would always come around to give us some nice guitar tunes. I always got everyone annoyed because they knew I would always sing off note.

But hey, dude was seeing beyond friendship but that fact was, I have been zoned. She kept telling me the interests she’s had in Ken. This actually made me feel very awkward within any time the thoughts of telling her I Love Her resounded to me.

Ken is a good friend of mine; he’s tall, handsome and smart as well. From within I really had a matchless feeling for this babe, can’t she feel it, can’t she realize; I just gotta make known my love for her but hey, I’ve been friend-zoned and it’s killing me softly.

Ken and Karen had all soon become love birds and this seemed so inseparable. I was at the verge of losing Karen; this would be very traumatic.

Well I eventually lost her to Ken and they happily got married few years after graduation.

My greatest regrets were being too much of a friend, making it difficult for myself just to say ‘I love you’ and she zoning me to the fullest.

Folks when you really love somebody tell em’

Stranded in love; Jaden……… I WAS ZONED!


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