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The significant difference between those who know and those who do not know, is very simple; the hunt for and exposure to information!
The more information one has, with a concurrent attitude of incessant practice yield experience.
Experience is a gathered skill set, self belief, passion, practice and hunger for success.
Only as far as you believe will your faith skyrocket your success to its greatest limit.
You can keep believing and hope for the best, that’s faith. Albeit, faith without action is useless.
Exposure to the soundest information without practice is a waste of time and a null experience count.
Knowledge is the mother set of all. She’s very beautiful and by default, she’s very broad. But her pursuers can make her appear infinitesimal. You don’t want to be such a pursuer right ?
Atta boy !
Don’t limit yourself, go for platinum!
You can make it, only as hard or easy as you see it.
Remember, life is not a competition.

By: Y.K Kankam
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