Ultimately, the greatest desire of every student is maintaining a good academic life and living the moments of meeting your life expectations. These desires always seem impossible until it’s possible.
Here are seven(7) perfect ways to maintainig a good and strong academic life:

1. Desire and Plan
All life’s greatest achievements commence with great desire; this is the pursuit of achieving. Without desire, you cannot achieve. The best students always had a foretaste of who they’ve become. Add to desire effective planning. Desiring without planning is just a wish. Set targets, stay focus and tackle them one at a time and to planning, add great sacrifice and discipline. ” Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice”.

2.  Don’t Skip Lectures Too Often
Sometimes the least expected happens, you are left with no option but to skip lectures. Sometimes you would have to skip lectures to do some other business to gain or to attend to other equally important tasks or even to make ends meet. Nevertheless, never make skipping of lectures habitual; lest it goes against you. Attend lectures regularly as often as you must, jot down notes and other salient points and build upon them. Always have that zeal and courage to ask sensible questions pertaining to what you fail to understand.

3. Visit the Library and Research Wide
Good students always go the extra mile to set themselves distinguished. The lecture notes are not enough. The books in the library are not for asthetic values, they are to add up to our academic pedigree. Always yarn to read and research wide. Too much knowledge does not kill. It’s rather a gain to us. Reading wide takes your academic life to a different horizon and it can seriously damage your ignorance. Educate yourself, ” The top experts in the world are ardent students. The day you stop learning, you’re definetly not an expert” . Your world today, your world tomorrow is a true reflection of your knowledge.

4. Solve Past Questions
Success is always achieved when a problem is solved. The past questions do contribute a lot.The more you solve, the more conversant you would become with similar questions in end of semester exams questions, mid-sems etc. If possible, solve in groups or a study mate. Two good heads they say is better than one. This may go a long way to shoot up your CWA. Who knows, a past question today, will be an exams question tomorrow.

5. Let Go Bad Friends
Bad friends corrupt good manners. They are a threat to life’s great achievement. A mouse can never have any form of frienship with a cat. It’s highly impossible and would never work. Good friends will surely have a great and positive impact in your academic life and your life as a whole. Walk with friends who will take you to the library not the club. Bad friends will only feed your mind with poison, do away with them! One other tragedy in life is to have your academic life and future prospects ruined and shuttered by your association with bad friends.

6. Have Fun
All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. All studies and no fun leaves you with stress and boredom. Balance your academic life so much fun. The semesters are super-packed with so many edutaining activities, the hall weeks and so much more. Don’t spoil the fun, always join the crew and enjoy yourself. Playing fifa, having photoshoots with friends, hangout and chill out with friends etc. These would ease your stress and take away boredom.

7. Be Prayerful
It all begins with a prayer and ends with a prayer. We all believe in a supreme being, as such, besides our books and the fun we enjoy, never skip the church meetings and activities. God is the author and finisher of our faith. If you’re a Christian, serve God with reverence. If you’re a Muslim, serve Allah with all your all.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Remember, nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

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