Procrastination Syndrome

I have been a kid
I am still maturing
There is one greatest thing I have ever feared……
PROCRASTINATION: the devil within time.
It has led many ideas unconverted to reality.
It has collapsed many companies.
It has ruined many relationships.
It has made many lose their jobs.
It has made millions of people lose their valuables.
Some students somewhere have regretted in life and once again this is still attributed to the threatening entity called procrastination.
Many people have lost the love of their lives because of procrastination.
The saddest thing is seeing a lot of people perishing because of procrastination.
Life is too short than we perceive it to be.
Whatever we dare to achieve in life is feasible, if only we can act and not flood ourselves with words.
Actions must proceed out of thoughts.
Achievements not words;
To persevere and never to succumb
To be firm and never to compromise
To honor and never to dishonor
To love and never to hate

PROCRASTINATION has done so much bad than good. The time to act is now! You have today and not tomorrow, tomorrow will surely take care of itself. The brightest opportunity is today.
Act now!

By: Yeboah K. Kankam

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